A symbol of Canada’s maritime and industrial heritage – the nation’s leading shipbuilder and heavy industrial fabricator for almost 200 years

Managing Risk

We are mindful of the ever increasing risks we face and the need to invest in improving the capabilities of our staff as well as in the management systems they deploy. Our belief is that we must continue to work hard to embed a culture which believes in doing what is right for our clients and the wider communities we serve, the environment and for our staff.

Our industry is dynamic and at any one time, we have hundreds or thousands of people working at the facility involved with a range of activities. As such, enhancing safety as we work and reducing our impact on the environment is our top priority.

Caring for communities, near and far

Chantier Davie Canada Inc.has been a landmark in Quebec since more than 190 years.  It is the Company directive that all the senior management and employees of Chantier Davie Canada Inc. work together to respect the local laws here in Quebec including those of the French Language.

Our recruiting practices at Davie are simple; we hire the most qualified employee for the position with the preference being given to local French speaking candidates. At times when we are unable to find qualified local candidates we recruit nationally and internationally with the preference being given to the French speaking candidate all other qualifications being equal.

To ensure effective recruiting activities we use recruiting agencies along with our own internal efforts to find quailed employees who know our industry and are able to adapt to the local culture.  We utilize a cross section of recruiting agencies as many companies do including those located internationally, nationally and locally here in the Province of Quebec.   Of the twelve (12) agencies we use regularly ten (10) of them are local to the Province of Quebec.  All agencies are given the same mandate to locate qualified candidates with preference being given to French local employees.

As many industries have specific bona fide occupational requirements it is no different for shipbuilding.  We are working hard alongside our local providers to build a strong maritime industry here in Quebec that is sustainable. Since officially reopening Davie in late February 2013 we have grown from some 40 people onsite to over 1100 employees.  Of those 1100 employees onsite today in excess of  98% of them are French speaking and well integrated into our community here in Levis, Quebec.


Sustainability means different things to different people and companies. At Davie, sustainability means longevity of our business which goes hand in hand with managing its impact on the environment, our people, clients and the local community. We work closely with the provincial government agencies to ensure that we minimize our environmental impact.

At Davie we recognise that environmental sustainability goes hand in hand with the success of our business. We have set goals to reduce our energy usage by 10% which means investment in a new technologies.

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