A symbol of Canada’s maritime and industrial heritage – the nation’s leading shipbuilder and heavy industrial fabricator for almost 200 years

Operating Framework

Working together, safely and efficiently

Davie’s Operational Management System (OMS) ensures that the policies and procedures of the company are adhered to at every level and within every function. The OMS ensures continuity and best practice in every aspect of the facility’s operation from integrated IT systems to quality control, testing, certification, human resource management and continuous improvement process (CIP).

Our shared values with our clients means operating to the highest possible safety standards. We base our health, safety and environmental standards on those found within the oil & gas industry. We believe in an incident-free facility and ensure that our safety culture is fostered throughout the organization at every level of operation.

Advanced process management and data handling

We believe that good process management can make or break a project. That’s why we follow a coherent, consistent framework that guides our decisions and processes. The OMS framework involves:

Davie places significant emphasis on process and information technology management. The facility’s backbone is its information technology system which ensures integrated planning, production, engineering, work content evaluation, procurement, inventory, simulation and process flow management.

Quality Assured

Davie’s Quality Assurance (QA) program is compliant to ISO 9001:2015 for engineering, program management and for the fabrication of offshore structures, military and commercial shipbuilding, conversion and repair and also heavy industrial components.

This program is coupled with our continuous improvement process (CIP) and focuses upon identifying, measuring and improving all elements which affect quality, cost, safety and schedule.

Human Resources

Our greatest asset is our people and we place a strong emphasis on our human resources department to ensure that the policies and procedures set out in our Employee Charter are maintained. This ensures that our Shared Values of fairness, respect, quality, safety and modern management practices are practiced throughout the company.

Our human resources policies ensure clear communication and simple and short lines of reporting. As well as providing a safe working environment, we encourage our employees to develop their skills through training and build a career for life.

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