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  • ThumbnailHumanitarian
    Canada’s New Naval Support Ship

    Canada’s new Naval Support Ship is the largest naval ship ever delivered from a Canadian shipyard. It is equally suited to NATO combat operations as it is to delivering vital supplies and services in humanitarian operations.
  • ThumbnailLNG Ferries
    Davie, the largest shipyard in Canada, is now building two LNG ferries for the Société des traversiers du Quebec. These prototypes will be the first LNG-supplied ferries ever built in North America.
    Furthermore, these vessels incorporate the most recent technologies thus making it possible to be operated all year long, despite the ice. The Davie workers are extremely proud of this ambitious project.
  • ThumbnailCanada’s Next Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Ship – Episode 2
    The second installment of the documentary following the build of Canada's new Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Ship. Episode 2 follows the journey of Davie, its workers and partners from May to November 2016 as they build the largest ship that will operate in the Royal Canadian Navy fleet.
  • ThumbnailSteel Cutting Ceremony – Resolve-Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Ship
    For those who missed it, here are the speeches from the steel cutting ceremony for the first Resolve-Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ship at Davie Shipbuilding
  • ThumbnailCanada’s Next Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Ship – Episode 1
    The first in a multi-episode series about Canada's next Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Ship which is being built at Davie, Canada's largest and highest capacity shipbuilder. Owned by Federal Fleet Services Inc., m/v Asterix will be provided to the Royal Canadian Navy under a full provision of services agreement which includes the entire marine operations management of the ship. This is Project Resolve.

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