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Open Positions


Second Engineer

Job Description:

The 2nd Engineer is responsible to the Chief Engineer for the following elements as well as for any other duties and responsibilities as enunciated in the company Safety Management System (SMS) or requested by the Chief Engineer.

  • Preparation of the of the engine room plant for sea
  • Effective and efficient operation of the day to day operations of the engine-room plants
  • Organization and supervision of the Engine-Room watch keepers/UMS duty engineers
  • Organization and supervision of the engine room ratings and other engine room staff
  • Efficient operation of all emergency equipment, testing of same including the equipment outside of the machinery spaces such as: Emergency Generator, Emergency fire pump, Lifeboat engine, Fire Flaps, Emergency stops, fuel tanks valves trips
  • Implementation of the MOHS regulation
  • Taking all necessary steps to ensure protection of the environment.
  • General maintenance of the machinery spaces and its equipment
  • Understudying the chief engineer whenever suitable opportunities arises



  • Possess a valid Transport Canada medical with a validity of six (6) months from the time of joining)
  • Possess the required certification for the position held as per STCW and the Manila 2010 amendments for a vessel operating in unlimited waters
  • Possess a valid supervisor of oil transfer
  • Possess a “designated security duties” certificate as per STCW regulation A-VI/6
  • Trained and qualified for fire and gas detection, nitrogen and LNG ship system
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Job Description:


  • Administer first aid to injured or sick employees who arrive at the health department and respond to emergencies by going to the scene of an accident.
  • Advise patients and refer them to a doctor or the hospital if the situation requires it.
  • Accomplish general medical administration work, such as notifying employees of medical exams, opening medical files, filing reports, files, certificates, etc.
  • Receive and record medical certificates following an industrial accident.
  • Write letters to the CSST; prepare accident registries and related formulas.
  • Help the doctor during his/her visits.
  • Answer employee information requests on all subjects relating to health and health administration.
  • Perform the inventory of material used regularly and see to maintaining the department in order for everything to be safe.
  • Accomplish any other task related to your duties.
  • Participate in the reinstatement and rehabilitation of injured workers.
  • Establish and monitor healthcare programs (ergonomics, fitness, etc.).
  • Create courses to present to employees in order to prevent injuries from reoccurring.

Required Skills & Knowledge for this role include but are not limited to the following:

  • A college diploma in nursing or a Bachelor’s degree in nursing science.
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of experience as a nurse.
  • Experience in the emergency room of a hospital, an asset.
  • Experience as a nurse in an industrial environment, an asset.
  • Knowledge of industrial accident file management.
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Piping Superintendent

Job Description:


  • Direct improvements to processes and safety initiatives for your activity sector.
  • Organize tool and equipment needs of the various departments.
  • Actively participate in the development of construction strategies.
  • Assist the management of purchasing and procurement for production material needs for your activity sector.
  • Perform regular maintenance and safety inspections on equipment, facilities and work areas, ensuring that shortcomings are quickly noted and corrected.
  • Attend meetings to exchange information with other supervisors, managers and other employees.

Personnel Management


  • Manage the team of production supervisors and other employees in order to make them motivated, satisfied, loyal and effective team members who are committed to achieving the standards and the goals of the production team as well as the company in general.
  • Allocate labour to projects within the project schedules and priorities and ensure that workers have the required skills for the assigned tasks.
  • Work with production managers and human resources in order to complete performance evaluations, probationary and others, of specialized trade employees.
  • Ensure that all production supervisors receive a development plan in order to have the capacity necessary to effectively fulfill their role and responsibilities, work in a safe way and with a spirit of co-operation while following the standardized operational procedures that were agreed upon.
  • React in an appropriate way to actions requiring disciplinary measures while working with production management, human resources and HSE, if needed.
  • Organize the management of all staff in each department as well as unionized employees in cooperation with the manpower station.

Required Skills & Knowledge for this role include but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional studies diploma related to the position.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a similar supervisory position.
  • Experience in shipbuilding industry.
  • Experience in a union environment.
  • Good knowledge of plan reading.
  • Good knowledge of the MS Office suite, especially Excel.
  • Ability to listen and analyze.
  • Ability to work in a team and under pressure.
  • Ability to integrate, plan, and distribute information.
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Project Control Specialist

Job Description:


  • Provide financial reports related to the project, including weekly reports, budget development, monthly forecast and end-of-month reviews compared with budget;
  • Develop and keep management information reports such as progressive invoicing, contract direct cost analysis, net cash flow, currency impact analysis, critical supplier list;
  • Work in close cooperation with the project director in order to make sure that he is aware of progress related to the project in progress;
  • Develop performance indicators (cost analysis);
  • Complete a comprehensive budget analysis compared with real costs of the project;
  • Make sure that internal control systems exist and that they are implemented during various stages of the project according to the company’s standards;
  • Keep a control list and a key control file for an annual audit;
  • Make sure that the shipyard change orders are recorded and have the appropriate approval level;
  • Help to prepare, review and approve modifications made in the contract;
  • Identify cost reduction initiatives;
  • Provide general support to other departments, e.g.: Supply and Operations;
  • Ensure compliance with laws and all specific local requirements;
  • Perform any other related tasks.

Required Skills and Knowledge for this role include but are not limited to the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or in any other relevant field;
  • Possess one of the following titles: CPACA, CMA or CGA;
  • 0 to 3 years of experience in a similar job;
  • Bilingual (mandatory);
  • Ability to work alone or as part of a team and resolve conflicts;
  • Excellent knowledge of Excel;
  • Good practical knowledge of financial systems, project management techniques (planning, budget control, etc.).
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Payroll Coordinator

Job Description:


Payroll Processing

  • Master the automated payroll system (ADP) in place, input methods and tools for preparing reports;
  • Coordinate all the activities related to payment of the submitted documents, ensuring their compliance with the established policies and procedures;
  • Communicate, when needed, with the payroll provider for all questions, changes, additions, configurations and errors related to payroll processing;
  • Provide all system configuration requests with precision, including all the ins and outs of the related systems;
  • Have thorough knowledge of year-end processing;
  • Provide daily assistance to the main users of component systems of the payroll system;
  • Determine the fundamental cause of a problem or difficulty and ensure that it is resolved quickly and accurately;
  • Carry out checks on documents associated with payroll production, verify their accuracy and take the necessary actions to correct anomalies with precision and meticulousness within the required periods of time;
  • Have a comprehensive vision oriented toward creating solutions that allow for the resolution of problems/difficulties associated with each group in order to satisfy the parties involved;
  • Be able to investigate, analyze and resolve problems;
  • Respect weekly and annual schedules;
  • Make the weekly payments to the third party;
  • Work with the accounting department for all questions relating to payroll and balance the payroll, if needed, for accounting purposes;
  • Help your immediate superior with his/her tasks, research and labour cost analyses or any other file requiring your intervention;
  • Ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of the data;
  • Perform analyses and produce reports for the various people involved on time;
  • Have knowledge in fields related to payroll, taxation, employment insurance, group insurance, pension funds, CSST, parental insurance, work standards, etc.;
  • Ensure the monitoring of time banks and vacations to ensure their accuracy and precision;
  • Perform the necessary adjustments and feedback and follow up with employees;
  • Create procedures related to payroll and component systems, and keep them updated;
  • Ensure the application of rules and regulations that govern payroll in accordance with the rules of all levels of government;
  • Complete and answer all correspondence, enquiries or requests from the various levels of government of all ministries.

Electronic Punch

  • Maintain the electronic punch system (Kronos) in working order, ensure it runs smoothly within the rules of the company and the application of the collective agreements;
  • Support the electronic punch users in their daily use of the software by informing them of the proper way to use it;
  • Gather data on a daily basis and analyse their contents to check their compliance;
  • Respond to any ambiguities or questions concerning the working of the software and the application of the defined rules within it;
  • Ensure the accuracy of data in accordance with the peripheral devices supplying the electronic punch;
  • Close the pay cycle, ensuring that all people involved have completed their data input;
  • Do the input, adjustments and corrections inherent to payroll.

Human Relations

  • Optimize friendly communication and relationships with employees, union representatives or any other people involved;
  • Communicate all useful information to work colleagues and supervisors;
  • Maintain good interpersonal relationships at all times;
  • Be easily available and enjoy communications and client service;
  • Ensure that your interventions are understood by employees;
  • Use the necessary creative means to eliminate any ambiguities in difficult situations;
  • Always have a respectful and professional attitude.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Work closely with department staff by helping them and ensuring compliance with information relating to payroll, labour costs, accounting charges, insurance premiums and pension fund premiums according to received instructions.

REQUIRED SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE  for this role include but are not limited to the following:

  • College diploma (DEC) in accounting or finance and 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in a union environment, or equivalent;
  • Excellent knowledge of computerized payroll;
  • Experience in payroll processing (very high volume);
  • Good written and verbal communication abilities;
  • Demonstrate exactness, precision and discretion;
  • Good knowledge of computers, including Microsoft Office;
  • Approach centred on client service and good active listening abilities;
  • Ability to work in a team, respect tight deadlines and pay attention to detail;
  • Good stress management abilities;
  • Keep informed of federal and provincial budget readings that may affect payroll processing;
  • Excellent priority management for organization, time management, planning and monitoring;
  • Be known for your autonomy and methodology;
  • Excellent knowledge of English, an asset;
  • Ability to work efficiently with clients and/or other groups/departments.
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Job Description:


Under the responsibility of the Director, Production, the Ship Manager is responsible to coordinate all aspects of jobs being accomplished in the launching berth and/or on the vessel when it is at quay (or in the dry dock) in order to meet the deadlines and budgets targeted on the contract assigned.projects.

  • Ensure the follow-up on technical aspects, upkeep and services related to vessels, including dry docks and investigations.
  • Establish vessel operation budget in cooperation with the onboard manager and perform a follow-up on real costs;
  • Communicate with Human Resources concerning vessel personnel.
  • Offer support related to questions concerning technical operations, when required.
  • Be involved in purchasing spare parts for vessels.
  • Visit the vessels at regular intervals for inspection purposes.
  • Correspond with and report to the owner of the vessel(s).
  • Follow up on insurance cases in cooperation with the insurance claim manager.
  • Ensure that OHS rules and norms are respected and that the prevention mechanisms are applied.
  • Ensure that the respected results are reached for each group of work in construction berths and finishing wharves for the project assigned to them.
  • Develop and promote management tools which would allow for anticipating technical information and material needs so as to respect construction costs and schedules.
  • Respect schedules of different projects.
  • Issue instructions and control their implementation, prepare reports.
  • Validate manpower levels required according to material, information and production equipment availabilities, as well as according to physical locations and infrastructure arrangements.
  • Compare real costs with budgets concerning assembly berth and finishing wharf.
  • Ensure sub-contracting work integration.
  • Verify the quality control is performed and documented according to test and inspection plan and to test schedule;
  • Participate in meetings when required.
  • Perform other tasks compatible with your functions upon your supervisor’s request.
  • Lead the team of Zone Managers and other employees as required in such a manner that they are motivated, satisfied, loyal and effective team members who are committed to the achieving the standards and the goals of the department and of the corporation as a whole.
  • In conjunction with the production management, complete all probationary and other performance reviews for Zone Managers.
  • Ensure that all Zone Managers receive a development plan for action to ensure that they have the required skills to effective and efficient completion of their roles and responsibilities, work in a safe and cooperative manner while following agreed upon standard operating procedures.
  • Respond appropriately to any violations of the HSE policy and notify the HSE team of the issue immediately.
  • React appropriately to actions that require disciplinary action by working in conjunction with Production Management, Human Resources and HSE as required.



  • Post Secondary education in the appropriate discipline as related to the position.
  • Experience in a shipbuilding / ship repair environment
  • Experience in unionized work environment.
  • Time management & delegation skills
  • Customer oriented.
  • Capacity to manage and motivate.
  • Good knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Good interpersonal skills in order to develop close relationships with shipyard staff and vessel owners.
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Job Description:

In this role, the incumbent is responsible for coordinating the training all around the yard.

Health, Safety & Environment

  • Ensure that every employee understands the importance of Davie’s workplace culture most particularly as it relates to HSE and provide the necessary leadership to foster that culture within your everyday activities.
  • Continually promote HSE awareness by leading by example and providing instruction, information, training and supervision to ensure the safe performance of the skilled trade employees and all other employees involved in your daily operations.
  • Organize and conduct meetings and maintain a log of any action items resulting from the meeting and addressing those action items in a timely manner as required.
  • Provide every employee with the knowledge to be able to recognize safe work practices, knowledge to know they only work under safe work practices and to empowerment to advise their colleagues when an unsafe work practice is happening.  Also, to provide guidance to employees when they are unsure if a work practice is safe or not and how to proceed.
  • Work with the HSE Team to resolve any HSE issues brought to your attention in a timely manner.
  • Respond appropriately to any violations of the HSE policy.
  • Ensure every employee is wearing and utilizing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment at all times in accordance with the HSE rules and regulations.
  • Ensure the security of facilities and equipment and institute policies that will prevent or minimize loss, theft, vandalism or other damage.
  • Ensure that Davie’s environmental policies are respected in all construction and reparation projects.

Operations management

  • Arrange and facilitate training;
  • Plan and determine the training needs of the facility;
  • Source and schedule 3rd party training;
  • Set up and manage computer based training programs,
  • Develop and deliver site specific training programs; and,
  • Any other duties relevant to the position.

Required Skills and Knowledge for this role include but are not limited to the following:

  • 3 -5 years experience in basic adult education practices;
  • Versed in HSE training and requirements;
  • Ability to develop and deliver HSE Training;
  • Administrative functions for scheduling and arranging HSE training with 3rd party providers; and,
  • Able to deliver training in English and French.
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