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Davie Supports R&D at Université du Québec in Chicoutimi to Maximize the Use of Canadian Steel in Icebreaker Construction

March 9, 2023

Chantier Davie Canada Inc. (Davie) today announced that it will financially support a research and development project in partnership with the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) aiming to maximize the use of Canadian steel in the construction of the next generation of icebreakers in Canada.

The project, supported by a $72,500 contribution from Davie, will be led by Professor Mousa Javidani, Ph.D., one of Canada’s foremost metallurgy experts. His field of expertise focuses on alloy development and microstructure engineering, computational thermodynamics and modelling of materials processing, materials characterization and analysis methods, material mechanical properties, and deformation processes.

“Our objective is to gain a better understanding of commercial steel grades for use in low-temperature conditions, common joining technics of critical components composed of high-grade steel, and potential alternatives for commercially available materials,” said Mousa Javidani, Ph.D., Professor, Applied Science Department, UQAC.

One of the most important challenges in ship design and construction is the impact of cold temperatures on steel performance. This factor demands meticulous attention and assessment of the vessel’s structural integrity. However, there is a scarcity of research findings in the literature, which mainly concentrate on the properties of a handful of steel grades under cold climate conditions. Moreover, most of these steel grades aren’t produced in Canada.

To tackle those challenges, a thorough research program is required to examine the performance and properties of high-grade steels manufactured within Canada. This program will involve conducting modelling and experimental trials to assess the critical properties of these steels, including toughness and tensile strength, adapted to the service temperatures corresponding to their application in ships. Through this research, we can gain valuable insights into future research and development areas that will optimize the use of Canadian steels in shipbuilding.

“We believe that Davie’s success is linked to innovation,” said Ahmad Amini, Senior Naval Architect at Davie and leading this initiative. “We also recognize that construction of a new generation of Canadian icebreakers requires comprehensive research and review to ensure that new and existing technologies are not overlooked,” concluded Mr. Amini.

Ultimately, the work conducted by UQAC and Davie will contribute to strengthening both the Canadian steel industry and the Canadian shipbuilding industry. The program will also provide a foundation for long-term, multidisciplinary, market-driven research partnership with academia, and offer a rich environment for training of highly qualified personnel.

“Davie is fully committed to working with Canada’s best researchers to stimulate innovation and economic impact across the country. Such projects ensure that we keep on providing the best vessels to our main customer, the Government of Canada, through innovation and cutting-edge technologies to build the future generation of Canadian icebreakers, and to maintain vessels already in service,” added Lindsey Kettel, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Development, Chantier Davie Canada Inc.

This partnership is the result of an investment made under industrial and technological benefits policy, which underscores Davie’s unwavering dedication to fostering innovation in Canada’s key ship design industrial capabilities. Moving forward, we intend to continue making significant investments in shipbuilding and ship design technologies to reinforce Canada’s shipbuilding industry and propel it to new heights.

About Chantier Davie Canada Inc. Based in Lévis, Québec, Davie is Canada’s premier naval shipbuilder and a global leader in the delivery of specialist, mission-critical vessels to government and commercial customers. Founded in 1825, Davie is Canada’s largest, most long-standing, and highest capacity shipbuilder. Our world-class workforce builds and maintains complex ships that enable our customers to protect national and economic security or fulfill acute business needs.

About Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Founded in 1969, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) is part of the Université du Québec, Canada’s largest university network. UQAC has over 60,000 graduates and welcomes 6,500 students each year, including 2,000 from some 50 countries. Known for fostering close ties between professors and students, UQAC offers a unique experience and more than 200 programs of study. It is recognized as one of Québec’s most prolific universities in terms of research partnerships. Since its founding, UQAC has developed and continues to expand its international profile in several research niches.


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Davie: media@davie.ca

UQAC Karine Gagnon, Information Officer Media Relations and Public Communications 418-480-8674 | karine1.gagnon@uqac.ca

Pictured, from left to right: Ahmad Amini - Senior Naval Architect at Davie, Mousa Javidani, Ph.D., Professor, Applied Science Department, UQAC. and Marcel Poulin - Manager, ITB & Public Affairs at Davie.

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