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More than 1,500 suppliers from across Canada partner with us to grow together as we pursue our strategic goals.

Davie enables the development and diversification of local supplier industries by creating demand for locally produced goods and services across the supply chain. We produce technologically complex and large-scale engineered assets that require expertise from many industries. To produce these products, we rely on an extensive network of suppliers providing specialized raw materials and other services to support our operations. As a result, Davie supports thousands of other businesses in Québec and Canada.


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The Davie Suppliers Association (l’Association des Fournisseurs de Chantier Davie Canada, “the Association”) was founded in 2018 with the mission to defend and promote the interests of Davie’s suppliers. It allows our suppliers to be heard using one voice. The Association informs businesses about opportunities in the shipbuilding industry, ultimately strengthening supply chains across Canada.

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