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Firmly rooted in Québécois culture, our highly skilled international workforce enjoys the stability of a long-term business with national relevance.

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The “Davie Spirit” is our North Star. This unique sense of collective pride, passion and commitment is a source of sustainable competitive advantage. It is encapsulated by an indomitable can-do attitude, driving us to deliver the best work even in the face of great challenges. The Davie Spirit breaks down barriers and hierarchies to ensure opinions and ideas are welcomed from everywhere and everyone in our organization.

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Davie is a major employer in Québec and Canada and it is our people and our culture that have made Davie great. We want to continue in that tradition and, with decades of work ahead, become a destination for the brightest and best talent. Investing in and developing our people is a strategic priority.

As a generational partner in the National Shipbuilding Strategy, a key challenge will be recruiting the many people needed to deliver our growing book of business. In this context, nurturing positive and forward-looking relationships between Davie, our employees and the unions will continue to be a top priority. This has been shown as recently as April 2022, when a ground-breaking long-term collective agreement was forged.

If you believe you have what it takes to join Canada’s premier shipbuilder, contact us today!

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Questions for Benoit Chassé

Senior Vice President, HR

What is your vision for the development of Davie’s people and culture?

We have a tremendous base to build from – regionally, provincially and nationally. We intend to be recognized among Québec and Canada’s employers of choice. A company where people can thrive, make a difference, and achieve a great sense of purpose with Canada’s premier shipbuilder. We are driving several strategic initiatives to create and develop meaningful and rewarding careers at Davie today and for generations to come.

How does Davie offer a viable career over other industries?

For the first time in decades, Davie is entering a period of prolonged growth and prosperity. The National Shipbuilding Strategy is a unique opportunity to build for a safe and prosperous future for Québec and Canada. An array of key roles and viable career paths are opening up for existing and the many new employees who will be recruited. It’s also worth noting that shipbuilding as part of the Canadian marine industry overall offer numerous careers paths with competitive salaries and opportunities to grow.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Davie?

Don’t hesitate. Contact us today. No other company can offer such an opportunity to make a great impact today, and long into the future.

The Davie Academy is an evolving initiative committed to training, skills enhancements, and professional development for employees at all levels. This will include structured programs, on-the-job training, participation in special projects and role rotations. This includes:

Health & Safety

Davie’s employees receive up to 40 hours of health and safety training to ensure that they are set up for success working in Davie’s highly technical and complex facilities. These health and safety industrial training programs include courses such as forklift operation, safe use of fire extinguishers, and confined space guidelines and regulations.

Welding School

Davie partners with the Canadian Welding Bureau (“CWB”) in delivering an on-site welding school to help employees get accredited in the highly specialized maritime welding industry. The school employs an educator who trains people and updates curricula based on changing industry standards and technological advancements.

Critical Skills Gap Training Programs

Recognizing that there are critical labour gaps for certain occupations, Davie offers programs to help low-skilled employees increase their capacity to access more technical positions. This includes training with respect to material handling, spray painting/matting/sanding, etc. For example, Davie offers an internal training program on the safe use of mobile cranes in partnership with FormaLourd and the Commission scolaire des Trois-Lacs. This training aims to develop Davie’s internal operators and create an internal pool of mobile crane operators for the production department. Five candidates have completed the training to date, and an additional three candidates are in the process of completing their qualification. This training is particularly important given the fact that there is a gap in crane operators in the Québec City region.

Rescue Training

Davie offers specialized rescue training programs for firefighters and operational safety members. These modules include overhead crane rescue training courses and search and rescue of victims training (confined spaces, low visibility rescue).

Educational Institutions

Davie currently works with several educational institutions to help employees gain more specialized education. Davie is also working on future partnerships with post-secondary institutions as part of the NSS Value Proposition. These efforts directly contribute to skills training and human capital development, which can further support economic growth.

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