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Why we matter

Our contribution to Québec and Canada is far-reaching and set to grow substantially for decades to come.


A strong participant in the Canadian economy

A far-reaching study conducted for Davie by Deloitte LLP examined the historical and potential major future economic and social impacts of Davie’s operations on Québec and Canada.

Davie Shipbuilding Economic and Social Contribution Study – Executive Summary Download PDF

Davie in Canada: Billions of dollars, thousands of jobs

Spending and revenue associated with Davie’s activities ripple through and significantly impact the Québec and Canadian economies. This impact will increase significantly over the next 20+ years as Davie delivers its ambitious work program under the Nation Shipbuilding Strategy.


Focus areas include

Design and engineering

In-service support


A key factor in Davie’s success has been our ability to anticipate the future needs of our clients and to research and develop the best possible solutions to meet them.

Leading advanced, specialized vessel construction in Canada, we search the world over for the latest technological advances while keeping a close check on developments in manufacturing, regulation, finance, geopolitics, and the environment. We research and develop solutions in close collaboration with our customers, our own highly skilled teams and strategic partners.

Case Study: Global Logistics, Aviation and Medical Support Plattform (G-LAM)

As recent events have shown, war, even between sovereign states continues to be a threat. At the same time, counter-terrorist, counter-insurgency and humanitarian and disaster relief operations have gained more importance. And while frigates have historically been the most utilised platform in the naval fleet, it is the multipurpose ships which are seeing most service in global navies. Davie’s G-LAM program is a multipurpose support vessel designed to the best support the Canadian government’s agenda in a transforming global geopolitical landscape – prioritising peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.


Our approach

Davie is focused on engaging with and supporting all our stakeholders, especially our employees, customers and our community and ensuring they are treated fairly and with respect. This approach extends to every part of our business, including indirect employees and thousands of supply chain partners.

As shipbuilders, we are aware of our responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations and we want our facilities and operations to be among the world’s greenest. We are proud to have been ISO 14001 certified since 2016. Davie has also integrated ISO 14001 with the ISO 9001 Quality standard, acknowledging overlapping responsibilities and making our business processes easier to manage and maintain. Asterix, the Canadian Navy’s greenest-ever vessel, is also accredited by the Green Marine environmental certification program.

Moreover, our business success is closely connected to Canada’s blue economy, with its focus on the sustainable use of resources to drive economic growth and improve livelihoods while preserving the marine ecosystem. The blue economy promotes the considerable benefits of reuse, recycling and remanufacturing. We have many real-world examples of this, including the three Medium Icebreakers refitted for the Canadian Coast Guard and the combat support ship, m/v Asterix, which began life as commercial container ship.

We aspire to be Canada’s greenest shipbuilder. Our strategic approach is as follows:

Green technology

Davie is actively seeking solutions to support the long-term decarbonization of maritime transportation. The company is fully committed to investing in and partnering to develop the most advanced clean and green technologies. Highlights include:

  • Research & development program: Reduction of ship ecologic footprint. Project partners: Innovation maritime, NSERC, Université Laval, UQAR, corporate sponsors
  • Davie is a proud partner of a research program focusing on the reduction of atmospheric emissions and improvements in energy efficiency from ships operating on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

For an overview on our position on the future of fuels, see our presentation below.

A Davie Dialogue: The future of fuel Download PDF

Sustainable development goals

Our CSR approach is also informed by and complements the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030.

Davie has a major indirect responsibility to help mitigate the impacts on our oceans as defined by SDG 14 “Life Below Water”, which commits to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

Sponsorship programs

We engage in philanthropic initiatives that go beyond charitable donations. This particularly includes long-term investments and participation in important local projects.

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