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Resolve class AOR a strategic enabler for Canadian humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities

November 9, 2015

Ottawa, Monday 9th November 2015: As failed states, conflict, natural disasters, famine and epidemics continue to plague the globe, Canada will increasingly be called upon to render Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) to those affected.

The Resolve-Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ship will play a key role in the Royal Canadian Navy’s HADR efforts from 2017. While the primary role of the Resolve-Class AOR is to conduct underway replenishment for the Canadian Task Group and other allied warships, a significant number of design elements have been incorporated into the ship’s design to support the HADR mission.

The specific HADR capabilities include:

  • A humanitarian processing area for triage and care of evacuees/survivors
  • A large medical facility for up to 60 patients in two separate wards
  • Emergency accommodation for up to 350 people (in addition to the ship’s current 150 persons capacity)
  • A ship-shore airlift capability via the two embarked Cyclone CH-148 helicopters
  • A significant small craft capability that includes up to 8 boats with quick launch and recovery capabilities
  • The ability to sustain the delivery over 400t/day of Fresh Water and up to 7000t of Fuel Oil, as well as significant power
  • The transportation and self-sufficient loading and unloading of light vehicles, sea containers and general cargo that are essential for HADR missions.

Spencer Fraser, CEO of Project Resolve today commented “We are extremely proud to be able to fill the current gap and provide Canada with a strategically enabling naval asset for HADR missions. We incorporated HADR requirements into the ship’s design from the very start and we are confident that the ship and its Canadian crew will successfully meet the Government of Canada’s goals of providing effective and responsive humanitarian and disaster assistance where and when called upon.”

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